#ГОД (YEAR) is interpreting the calendar and life cycle of Slavic people. Mixing the natural and technological, history and today’s context, where the voice is the main driving force. That is why Jekka’s new releases are filled with rich vocals and cold industrial and synthetic sounds. The #ГОД project is an evolution of understanding folk, it is a search for one's inner voice through ancient rituals and the cultural and acoustic code of folklore. #ГОД is divided into 4 EPs each of which unravels a significant period in the calendar and life cycle.

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ROZHDENIE - embodies the transition from 'that' world into 'this' world, it is a ritual of a new person coming into the world of the living and also symbolises the awakening of nature, the beginning of a new cycle

The young women set out to call upon the Spring. Across the icy mirror of the water wide they went. For three days and three nights they walked with songs and merriment. The ice thundered, the reddish sun moved from shore to shore and out of the woods, across the field.


The cold water shuddered and rumbled as the winter storm turned into a bird's song. The young women called upon the Spring singing, their spellbinding voices bringing blissful life across the frozen water, warm air into the waking forest.


The young women stepped out from the river with the water high. A giant sun above, gleaming. The forest swaying as if woken from a dream, enchanted.

The young women stepped into the forest. And saw a tree. A child slept wrapped in its broad roots.


The young women were singing a lullaby.


YUNOST -  is the second instalment of #ГОД and conveys initiation rituals, circle dances as a reflection of nature and the role of participants in the ritual. YUNOST is the border between  Spring and Summer, it is a rave of nature, inner and outer transformation.

Oh wonder tree

Grew branch after branch

To rise high

Ripened the blood

Like a red berry

The wonderous beautiful tree

Grew and stronger  it got

And not the birds that the nest made

But the bright stars

Found home in it

And not the small creatures

Around it walked, singing,

But the planets

Oh wonder tree

Ripened the red fruit

Ripened the blue fruit

Ripened the black fruit

And the beautiful gifts


SVADBA is the third instalment of the #ГОД project and expresses the inner transformation of a person, his or her communication with the outside world. The opposition of mine/foreign arises, the life space around the person becomes narrow, he or she becomes wordless and other participants of the ritual speak on his/her behalf. This is a process of loss and gain through different ritual symbols and objects

The girls were weaving,

To cover the tree with the quilt

So the blackbirds

Wouldn’t rest on it

So the stars wouldn’t fall

And get tangled in the branches


The girls were weaving

Covering the river

Covering the field

So the cold winds

Wouldn’t mix the water and the bread


The young men are coming

Coming for the girls

Not seeing the quilt

Falling under the ice


The girls wept

Day and night they lamented

Of the young men



The girls were weaving

Covering themselves with the quilt

And found themselves

On the other side of the river


They saw a reflection of the tree

The young men under it

Sleeping and waiting


The girls started weaving

Crowns from leaves.

Singing and breaking the branches:


“One hand waking, the other covering

One hand leading, the other braiding”


As the girls were singing, the underwater winds were rising

The river was changing

The tree shook and up it went

The quilt into strings

Into rods it turned


They put on the crowns

And their braids fell

The young men slept and slept and suddenly awoke


“Down the aisle I go, to wake you

To share the house and table”


The earth shook and shivered

With all its might the tree

Rose up into the sky

An island just beneath with grass so green and flowers so bright


Rendered the ceremony.


The storm died.

And plants spread all over from the wondrous island


The girls were weaving  the quilt

The young men singing to the girls.


The end of life is the beginning of a transition to the status of an ancestor, the opposition of ‘that’ world and ‘this’world, when the soul separates from its former place and inhabits into an invisible otherworldly dimension. Lamentations is the main tool of communication with the world of the dead. Nature falls asleep in winter and yule begins - a time of temporary chaos, statelessness, necessary for renewing the world and transforming the old into the new.