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About Jekka

Jekka is a Moscow-based singer-songwriter and producer mixing genres, realities and rituals. Jekka has already released 6 EPs, several singles, launched a multimedia project  ГОД (YEAR) about Russian folk music, collaborated with many different musicians, designers, filmmakers and artists. She released 6 music videos with coverage by THUMP, Create Digital Music, The Calvert Journal, played on a YAK-42 aeroplane and is a participant of CTM Musicmakers Hacklab, Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp 2013, BIME, Musikmesse, Ableton Loop Summit 2017, Red Bull Music Festival 2018. Jekka’s music is an ever-changing landscape mixing pop, glitch, futurism, R&B and dance music.


Shy No More is about letting go, as well as global questions of identity, love, self-expression and confidence. The album's main theme is self-love and inner power, balance, challenging yourself and modernity. Musically it's a kind of nostalgia for the early childhood influence of R&B and Soul artists as well as experimenting with new sounds and sub-genres. One of the album's unique features are collaborations with amazing Russian and Belarus artists Gala Ga, Devika Shawty, Omma, Mustelide, Katya Yonder, Lyosha Zaitsev, Anna Makeeva.  Shy No More is a collection of 'self-help' songs set to help you battle your inner fears and expectations and start living today.

"Evgenia Nedosekina aka Jekka is Moscow's new independent pop sensation. Her soft vocals, skillfully intertwined with beats, are perfect for dancing to or driving at night."

                                                             - The Calvert Journal